An encounter

On a Thursday Afternoon, Temperature-38’C
Boarded the crowded Habra-local train,West Bengal
I was on verge of fainting when I finally decided to sit down on the floor of the train compartment.
The Human- “here drink some water ?”
Me-Stared blankly without any reaction
The Human- “the water is chilled”
Me- “(politely) nah, thik ache (No, I am fine)”
The Human- starts drinking water
Me-with no second thoughts I asked ,”Can I have some water?”
The Human gladly offered and we shared a laugh as we were the only ones sitting on the local train floor along with another lady who sat opposite to us.
She continued talking to the other lady.
In the meanwhile people sitting on the bench & the ones standing had alot of weird stares at us – some confused and some with big question mark.

After few minutes,
The Human- (turns towards me and says)”When did Indra Gandhi die ? 30 or 35 years ago? ”
Me- “hmm approx yes.”
The Human-(turning around and speaking to the other lady) – “yes, so my parents too passed away around that time. My brothers and sisters are there to support me. ”
(I overheard the conversation)

Few steps away a vendor was selling goods and there was a quarrel between the vendor and customer regarding payment.
Vendor accused customer of not paying while customer accused vendor of cheating.
The Human raises her voice and speaks for what she believes is the truth supporting the customer. After all the debates and arguments (among the people in the compartment, vendor and the customer), the human says, “okay I will pay your rs .100 . Let’s stop fighting.”

The human was a stranger to me when I met and became a friend when I left. Who offered me chilled drinking water on a hot summer afternoon as we sat together sharing a laughter!

This stranger,friend,human was a transgender.
Does this change the way the story was told?
I don’t think so, it’s still about a stranger, a friend and a human!




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